Donald G. Jacob, Ed.D,
Senior Consulting Advisor

A highly experienced Organizational Executive who has led diverse teams of professionals and volunteers to new levels of success in a variety of competitive situations in cutting-edge markets and fast-paced environments. Possessing strong leadership skills, with an impressive record of organization management, team building, resource development, strategic planning and project implementation.

A skilled communicator with proven ability to effectively analyze an organization’s critical institutional requirements, identify deficiencies and potential opportunities; develop efficient and effective solutions, increase institutional support and improve delivery of services.

  • Organization Branding - Project Implementation - Relationship Management
  • Over-The-Horizon Planning - Alliance Development - Training & Teambuilding
  • Resource Development - Product & Service Enhancement - Awareness & Advocacy
  • Led successful top-to-bottom reorganization of The Neuropathy Association, and in less than two years: dues-paying membership doubled, revenues rose 58% from $1.2m to $1.9m, productivity markedly improved, staff training and morale increased, clinical affiliates at five medical schools established.
  • Established and supervised Pfizer’s’ (1) Department of State Government and Civic Affairs and (2) Division of External Affairs. Both were precedent-setting initiatives widely replicated within the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Organized national coalition of non-profit healthcare organizations that drafted the first formal declaration of “Patient Rights and Responsibilities.” The statement has been independently adopted by The National Health Council, and 150 of America’s most influential healthcare organizations.
  • Managed Pfizer’s leadership in revitalizing a 44-acre blighted neighborhood surrounding its manufacturing facility in Bedford Stuyvesant. The New York Times called the effort one America’s best examples of corporate responsibility.
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