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Aceo2 Consulting LLC is an approved NYS DOL Workforce Provider saving firms hundreds of thousand dollars in training fees. Funded by the federal program under the Workforce Development Act.

See New York State Department of Labor Workforce NY web site and click on Eligible Training Providers

“Your Process and individual expertise assisted us in developing and implementing our three groups strategic plan that we still rely upon today…. Thanks Bob”
Bowne AT&E Group Managing Partner, Zeb Blackman
“You proposed developing of a “team approach” and aligning our hard driving Directors was very ambitious. I could not imagine how the eleven directors could make us continually more successful even as the processes was introduced and burned in”…. Thank You Bob “
GAC International Division, Dentsply Inc. President, Charles Shultz, (Desist)
“Recasting our brand and image along with developing our team was not an easy choice for a fast paced accounting firm to undertake. But after working with the ACEO2 Consulting team I want to thank you for a successful engagement and implementation, you met and even bettered our expectations.“
Thank You, Jay Shulman, Managing Partner, JT Shulman & Company, P.C.
“Bob, your Business and Coaching ability developed me into a better leader and negotiator, which has had a significant impact on my firms valuation and market price. I will continue to reach out to you again as I have in the past."
Sincerely, Yehuda Pearl, Chairman Sabra Foods Inc.

Client’s Prospective:

“There are hundreds of clients and testimonials which the over 600 RAC Affiliates have received. They didn’t need to be experts in those businesses nor did I have to in developing a CEO and their Team of Direct Reports into Leaders."

“It takes only one thing, your commitment to want too!”

Thank you for your interest and time.
Robert Schiffer, Managing Director, Aceo2 Consulting LLC.