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   Management Awareness
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Our Services:
The process categories on the left and introduced below are the service areas that a firm needs to develop, in order to align their resources to drive company profitability and value.

Enlightened CEO’s have for some time recognized that employees are their most important resource, leading to the term Human Capital. What studies have determined is that firms, which have incorporated this view, have experienced a more consistent bottom line, and can be expressed as follows…

Attention to Employees…Drives the Bottom Line and has resulted in meaningful outcomes through empowering employee development.

  • 4x Greater Sales
  • 50% reduced turnover
  • 4 to 6x Greater company valuation
**Source: Becker, Huselid, Ulrich; The H/R Scorecard (Harvard University Press)

Process Categories

  • Professional Leadership w/ Rainmaker Development - A way to drive sales and future leadership using business development techniques.
  • Executive Coaching – The way to regain focus and clarity.
  • Annual Goal and Organization Climate Review - The way to determine the focus, tempo and direction of team members and the firm.
  • Building Businesses Strategically - The process for forming a cohesive plan developed with those charged to implement it.
  • Executive Strategic Planning - A way to update or create the management team to develop a unified and aligned organization.
  • Executive Leadership – A process to refocus you team for today’s challenges.
  • Team Leadership – The way to empower your operational and staff members to identify and implement a unified approach for organizational success.
  • Leadership – The process to identify and build on an individuals’ strength for “stepping up” to the next level.
  • Sales Development – How to build a consistent approach to increase results.
  • Management Development – Do your line managers require unity of purpose?
  • Customer Loyalty & Management Awareness – How to enhance customer acknowledgement and appreciation of your organization.