Dr. Janice A. Black
Senior Consulting Advisor

Specializes in conducting evaluation and analysis of corporate climate, for Management and Line operations. Janice has assessed and then developed hundreds of employees in goal setting and attainment.

20 years of specialized practice in large and small scale leadership development, organizational change, cultural transformation, business process improvement, employee satisfaction, strategic planning, and performance improvement. Adept at development projects with "tight" time frames requiring the balance of conflicting organizational interests.

Develops organizational solutions that are realistic, effective, and sustainable solutions. Data analysis/statistical competencies and systems thinking orientation enable transforming organizational issues into specific systems or processes targeted to produce desired business results.

Hands on experience with numerous union and non-union organizations from Technology, Healthcare, Retail, Consumer Products, Energy/Fuel Services, Warehouse, Distribution, Transportation, Education, Non-Profit Social Services, Auto/Yacht/Electrical Manufacturing, Gaming, Government, Textile/Furniture Manufacturing, Financial Services, and Bio-Tech Pharmaceutical.

Janice Black, Ph.D.ís Specialties:

Certifications: SPHR (Senior Professional in Human Resources), CQF (Certified Quality Facilitator), Leadership Versatility Index (LVI), Leadership Spectrum Profile, Execution Priorities Inventory, Benchmarks, Myers Briggs, FIRO-B, Change Style Indicator (CSI), Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI), Occupational Stress Inventory, Emotional Intelligence, and many others. As Ph.D. qualified to administer most published surveys, profiles, inventories.

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